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We offer professional help to solve delicate problems, ease off your concerns and bring peace of mind.  We work with businesses of any size and budget, and individuals from all walks of life.

A test provides objective information or evidence that helps you, the client find the answer, take informed decisions or make better choices.  There is an undeniable fact of life:  The test result could deeply affect someone’s life by bringing either peace of mind or upset.  This is why we approach every single request for testing with tact and compassion.



About Us


EASTERN TESTING SERVICES (ETS) is a provider of services specialized in CONSULTING, EDUCATION and TESTING (drug and alcohol, specialty toxicology) for employers and individuals, rehab and behavioral centers, private law firms and justice system.

We offer DNA testing (paternity, relationship, child safety identification, ancestry, vault, etc.) to individuals, maternity centers, law firms, immigration, private investigators and funeral homes.

No need to drive to a fixed location (medical facility, outpatient clinic, lab) and wait for hours to have the sample collected.  We do AFTER-HOURS collection and testing. With us, the service is delivered conveniently 24/7 whether ON-SITE or AT-HOME.  We take pride in our ability to respond to calls for services under the most unusual circumstances.

We treat every client, either business or individual, with respect, dignity and great care to preserve privacy and confidentiality.  We call this professionalism and business integrity.  These are our core values in which we take pride.  We always go the extra-mile to give more than expected.

If you don’t find the answer or information you are looking for, please don’t leave.  Call us or leave us a confidential message on the “Contact Us”.  We respond promptly to every message either by email or phone, your choice. Consultations are free and with no obligations.  Be well!

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Area & Time of Operation

There is neither distance nor time restriction:  ETS goes where and when the service is requested.  We provide services to every county of Connecticut, around the clock, 24/7 with no blackout dates, weekends or holidays.

A message from the President and Owner of Eastern Testing Services, Dr. Ilie Saracovan, PhD:
“Employers and individuals request a test for many reasons such as employment, safety on the job or public safety, court matters, monitor addiction treatment, find an answer, piece of mind, etc.  But, if we read between the lines, the underlying reason they request a test is simply because they care. And they want to make a difference in someone’s life”.   860.451.8016